First Argentinean Reinsurer with AA- rating

Principles and values

R.A.S.A The Insurance of Insurers.

We were born from the solidarity sector, consolidating a support and growth project for insurance companies in the Argentine Republic. Today, Limited Companies and Provincial Autarchic Entities that share the development of the Insurance and Reinsurance sector are part of our service.


First Argentinean Reinsurer with AA- rating

R.A.S.A is the first Argentinean Reinsurer to obtain not only a rating, but an "AA-" rating. This rating, which measures the financial strength of the reinsurer establishing at the same time a credit risk ranking of Reinsurers and Insurance Companies, was granted by Evaluadora Latinoamericana SA on the basis of the equity indicators established by Argentina's National Superintendence of Insurance in relation to the Balance sheets of Reinsurance Companies.