Our story

Principles and values

We were born from the solidarity sector, consolidating a support and growth project for insurance companies in the Argentine Republic. Today, Limited Companies and Provincial Autarchic Entities that share the development of the Insurance and Reinsurance sector are part of our service.

Origins, Track Record and Experience

We are the continuation of Reaseguro Argentino after INDER since 1990, building capacity within the Asociación de Cooperativas y Mutualidades de Seguros, the Stop Loss Bureau de Reaseguro SA and its National Pool, participating in different stages of the structure of the open Reinsurance Market, continuing with the development of local reinsurers as established by the National Insurance Superintendency with the introduction of Reaseguradores Argentinos Sociedad Anónima (RASA) on March 9th, 2012. A story that makes us feel proud of the capabilities offered to our grantors for their development.

Mission and vision


R.A.S.A is characterized by the loyalty of its customers, which is the result of its solvency, the quality of its services and its interest in establishing long-term relations based on trust and cooperation.


We aim to be a company in constant development, oriented towards the generation of value for our Associates, our Staff and the Community in general. We are developing our accession into the Latin American Reinsurance market by offering quality services with innovation and Social responsibility..